About me

I have been drawing from around the age of six. My first memory of a piece of art that really fired my imagination was a painting of a woolly mammoth, which I found in a magazine. I was about seven or eight at the time. I squared up the picture to get it as accurate as possible and when it was finished, I drew it again and again. I continued to draw with greater enthusiasm all through my school years. When I left secondary school, I spent three years at Barnsley School of Art and then went on to study advertising design at Granville College in Sheffield. After college I started work in an advertising studio and continued to work in this area for about ten years. Then I made a break into the world of children's book illustration. I illustrated a series of children's board books for a packaging company in Leeds. At around the same time I started attending life-drawing classes at Kramer College also in Leeds. This made me a much better artist. To draw the human figure from life is one of the hardest things to do. Since then I have worked closely with; a writer in Bristol called Michael Price. He is a musician and writer. We worked together on a couple of projects, Forest Friends, and Dixie & Tipper's Rainbow Rocket; My Nephew Kieron, on fantasy art ideas. He is also a very talented young writer; My wife Catherine (who is an equally good artist as she is a writer) on many of her children's story ideas; And last but not least, Steve Emmerson (writer of two Dr Who novels, an Accountant and a pretty good artist, in short, a clever clogs) on a project called Flinty McGinty and the Blown Away Day, a children's picture book. From 2007 to date I have created many illustrations for Folens Educational Publishers in Dublin Ireland. Also I have started attending life-drawing classes again. In these classes I am honing my drawing skills and experimenting with different media. Thank you for showing interest in my work, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.